Island Samofrakia Sights of Evrosa Travel Guide

Samofrakia Island

In the north of the Aegean Sea is one of the most impressive and cozy islands of Greece – Samofrakia. The world glory brought to him found during archaeological excavations The sculpture of the goddess Nicky, which is now stored in the walls of the Louvre. In addition, according to the legend, it was here that the great ruler and the commander Alexander Macedonian was conceived.

Getting to self-defraquia is the most convenient on the ferry, he walks from the settlements Alexandroupolis and Cavala. Here harmoniously combines the virgin nature and actively developing tourist activity. You can take a boat trip on the picturesque river killers, climb the mountain of Fengari, the height of which reaches 1611 meters or visit the healing thermal sources that are in a small settlement of the term.

Island Samofrakia Sights of Evrosa Travel Guide

Among the main monuments of the history and architecture of Samofrakia, you can note the sanctuary of the Great Gods, where the sculpture of Niki was found. In antiquity, the Kabirskie Mysteries held here, until today, only the ruins of some buildings came, including the temple of the goddess Gera. There are remains of the sanctuary not far from the village of Paleopolis. Also worth visiting the administrative center of the island, the town of Chora, where the ruins of ancient fort, and the Church of Assumption and other sights are located. Pleasure will deliver and walk through the narrow streets of the settlement.

Island Samofrakia Sights of Evrosa Travel Guide

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