Island Museum Deli Sights of Mykonos Travel Guide

Island Museum Delos

Island Museum Delos, According to the ancient Greek myths, the habitat was a goddess summer. On this island, she flew from anger of Geers and gave birth to Apollo and Artemis. Preserved ancient monuments and sanctuary in honor of Apollo.

The Island Museum of Delos united Ionian Greeks, speaking a link between different cities. Samossky Tiran Polycrat made Delos Center for the state of religious cults of the state, and after victories over Persians, the Athenians officially recognized the Museum-Museum of Delos Center for the Attic Sea Union. Annually held games in honor of Apollo and Artemis. Delica was also the center of the slave trade and free from taxes a trading area, which made it rich megapolis. Failure the city began in the era of the Christian expansion.

Island Museum Deli Sights of Mykonos Travel Guide

Currently, the island Museum of Delos – Archaeological zone. It is impossible to stay for the night, visiting sights is possible only in the afternoon. His way to tourists are best started with the sacred port and the sacred lake, where the summer made on the light of their twins. In the north of the islands there are quarters of residential buildings of the IV-III centuries to our era, the buildings are very well preserved. Be sure to visit the Marble Theater and the sanctuary of the gods of Persians, Egyptians and Syrians.

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