Is the language of the deaf all over the world

Is the language of the deaf all over the world?

Sign language – independent and highly different from verbal languages ​​system in which there is its vocabulary and grammar. Gestured deaf languages ​​are full-fledged languages, and the emotional expression and functional fullness of the gesture language are not inferior to verbal communication.

In most countries of the world, gesture languages ​​have official status: so, there is a British gesturing language, American, Australian, French and T. D. – only 121 in the world.

Is the language of the deaf all over the world

For communication with deaf people from different countries, the Jestetuno sign was created (International Sign Language, Is, Gestuno), composed of the signs of different languages, but the American prevails in it, and the Asian, African and South American deaf languages ​​did not enter. Jestechno use both in an informal setting and official events, for example, during the Surrilmpic Games (sports competitions of people with hearing impairments).

Gesture languages ​​are practically independent of sound and develop their own way. So, similar in the sound version of languages, such as British English and American English, in a gesture version are absolutely not similar. Similarly, the Austrian and German gestured languages ​​are completely different, unlike their sound analogues.

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