International Festival of Dolls and Copyright Textiles

International Festival of Dolls and Copyright Textiles

In Prague in December, the first international festival of dolls and copyright textiles will be held. In the festival will take part masters from different countries. The festival program will be divided into two large parts: exhibition of Teddy dolls and bears – Doll Prague and the exhibition of artextil Artextil Prague.

The exhibition of dolls and bears will be held in the Narodni Dum) of the Prague district of Vinohrady. It will open on December 3. Dolls, large and small, porcelain and wooden, knitted and rag, will be presented here not as everyday toys, but as real works of art, writes a popular women’s website. After all, it is no secret that love for the doll unites many different people, famous artists, collectors and just lovers. To participate in the exhibition, artists from around the world will be eaten in Prague to submit their best work to the public. A special atmosphere of the exhibition will give the exposition of famous teddy teddy teddy bear.

International Festival of Dolls and Copyright Textiles

In the second part of the festival – the exhibition of textiles will also take part of the masters and specialists from around the world. Guests of the exhibition will be able to see artworks made using various fabrics, bats, interesting textile materials.

At the festival, you can buy a favorite artwork, as well as everything you need for creativity.

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