International Exhibition of LED Equipment

International Exhibition of LED Equipment

From October 30 to November 1, in Shanghai, in Shanghai New International Expo Center – the largest exhibition complex of China, the international exhibition of LED equipment and lighting goods will be held (China Led Fair).

The exhibition will feature various lighting options: from street, to home and highlighting various devices. In addition to directly LED lamps, the exposure visitors will see and their components: LED chips, substrates, LED plates and much more. Various technological novelties will appear: laser diodes and sensors, organic LEDs, luminescent powder.

International Exhibition of LED Equipment

You can also get acquainted with the design solutions of lighting streets and interiors of houses. In the Outdoor Lighting section will feature LED lights, lighting for tunnels, casual and festive street lighting, signboard, glowing letters. In terms of interior lighting, you can see LED lamps running on solar panels, decorative lighting, homemade LED displays, control systems and LED TVs. Separately, the exhibition will place LEDs for highlighting household appliances and other techniques: phones, MP3 players, computers, LCD screens.

The exhibition organizes the Chinese Corporation of Electronic Materials, but representatives of not only Chinese firms are expected on it, but also exhibitors from Japan, Singapore, USA and European countries.

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