Interesting secret on Phuket

Interesting secret on Phuket

This is one of the most good and romantic places, which is really worth visiting being on vacation in Phuket.

Take the bike at least one day of your stay on Phuket and do not be lazy to go to the sunset on the peak, which is located between the beaches of Ravai and Nai Harn. There is a lot of interesting things.

You can see the road in the picture below: After you pass the beach Rawai, towards the western part of the island, you will need to immediately turn left.

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Secret Cape On the map.

This place may be a big surprise for you and those who travel with you together! It can not be called a part, but if you thought where to go to gain strength and see a wonderful sunset ; It is for you.

Interesting secret on Phuket

There is something to see, here you will find a piece of Spain or Greece for yourself, perfect places for snorkeling, magnificent diva landscapes, all these places are very close from each other ; at a distance not more than 500 meters.

Many beautiful yachts. This secret non-neuristic piece of Thailand ; One of the best for photo shoots and picturesque frames.

Unusual sunsets..And romance ..

This unusual and amazing landmark of Thailand can enter your top places for an independent visiting on a bike. Visit it better in the last clock before sunset.

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