Ingenious ideas from different countries

Ingenious ideas from different countries

There are many countries in the world where politicians think not only about how to fill their pockets, but also about people who live in their country. It is in such countries who exist without exaggeration of brilliant laws that significantly improve the quality of life.

In Norway every year before Christmas, the government reduces the income tax so that people can buy more gifts for their families to save money.

In Stockholm, money collected from penalties for violation of traffic rules go to a special lottery fund in which all conscientious drivers participate.

In many German cities, people should pay for the volume of garbage thrown by them. The more garbage, the more you pay. This measure helps to reduce the amount of garbage and encourages people to recycle.

In the Netherlands, you can make an anonymous free test for alcohol or drugs and not be arrested.

Ingenious ideas from different countries

In Canada, when immigrants receive citizenship. They are provided with a subscription for free one-time visits to the museums and cultural centers of the country.

Sweden’s authorities pay school students and universities money for just walking to learn.

In the Netherlands, people with disabilities are issued money that they can spend on sex with girls of easy behavior. Such a step dramatically reduces the level of depression and suicides among people with disabilities, because many of them have never been sex.

Ingenious ideas from different countries

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