In the US, the library opens without books

In the US, the library opens without books

This fall in the city of San Antonio Texas will open "Libraries". It will be the world’s first public library in which there will be no books. The usual books here will be completely replaced by electronic. The project came up with the city judge Nelson Wulf. The idea of ​​creating a public electronic library appeared after Wulf read the biography of Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Corporation. Judge Wulf himself loves books and is the owner of a unique collection consisting of more than a thousand first publications of books.

To begin with, the library will install 100 devices where e-books can be read, alibet reports.Net. All of them will act in the reading room. In addition, visitors will be able to take them home for a certain period. But this is not all the possibilities provided by the library in "Libraries" You can come with your electronic devices for reading books and downloaded by your e-books like them. The library will be free, money will need to pay only if the visitor wants to print any material writes Filternews.Ru.

In the US, the library opens without books

The city of San Antonio is located in the center of Texas, almost 250 kilometers from the Mexican border. It is very popular with tourists because of its historical and cultural attractions. Also, tourists willingly come to the numerous holidays and festivals passing here. Annually more than 26 million people visits San Antonio. Getting to San Antonio is not difficult – 20 kilometers from the city is located international airport.

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