In Ternopol prepared a record bun

In Ternopol prepared a record bun

For Christmas in Ternopil held a festive festival. Several thousand people gathered in celebration on theatrical square. The Christmas town with treats, gifts and fun competitions was organized here. Did not let go of the holiday and weather Ternopil, although it was quite cloudy and a light frost, snow and wind did not have this day. And the main event of the festival was the establishment of a new record of Ukraine for the preparation of Christmas kits – as many as 1300 liters.

For this traditional dish, it took a 300 kilogram of wheat, 30 kilograms of sugar and raisins, 50 kilograms of nuts, honey and poppy. After the Special Commission recorded the record, they were able to try everything for a festival for free.

In Ternopol prepared a record bun

Of course, the holiday program was not limited to cooking. Other Christmas treats were also offered: hot spawning, corner and other, traditional dishes for the Ternopil region.

In addition, a variety of cultural events with the participation of folk groups passed in Ternopil. Guests of the festival pleased with dancing and songs, they were able to appreciate theatrical productions on the topic of Christmas vertolov, festive congratulations and fun carols. A competition for the best Christmas star was organized, with whom in the old days the car beads went home.

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