In Dijon, there was a hotel for insects

In Dijon, there was a hotel for insects

The first in the country appeared in the ecocardle of the French city of Dijon "Hotel for insects". On the facade of one of the buildings, about sixty removable wooden cells were installed, which will be able to shelter several thousand insects.

Last week, Dijon opened the first insect hotel for France. The hotel is an installation of a raw tree height of 6 meters, which was located on the facade of the city building. A kind of insect hotel got the name La Bourdonnerie. In the very building in the near future two environmental protection associations will be arranged.

In Dijon, there was a hotel for insects

The hotel consists of 60 removable cells, which will be able to take several thousand insects mostly flying. Cells were formed for a favorable placement of various types of pollinators (wild bees, butterflies, harsh insects).

As the Edition of Le Figaro writes, the hotel for insects conceived as a shelter in case of an emergency to preserve the biodiversity of flying insects, which are often dying from pesticides. The mini-reserve and the observatory is simultaneously to observe the development of the block ecosystem, the installation will be able to prove that in urban conditions it is possible to find a place for nature and support biodiversity.

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