Igalo (Igalo)

Igalo (Igalo)

Igalo (Igalo) Resort town in Kotor Gulf in Montenegro, is located 7 km from Herceg Novi. Population 3754 people (2003).

The resort of Igalo is very popular among tourists from different countries thanks to the institution of physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Milosevic, where rheumatism, cardiological, skin, neurological, gynecological diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, respiratory organs, and also get rid of overweight and derived from stressful states. Among patients of this health center was Joseph Broz Tito. For him, Villa Gaever was even built here, which today is converted to the Medical Center.

Of course, Igalo arrive not only in order to improve health or pass a rehabilitation course, but also to relax on the local beaches, drowning in the lush, characteristic of subtropics of vegetation.

Igalo (Igalo)

In addition, attracts guests and convenient location of Igalo, who is associated with the most popular resort Herceg Novi 7 km of a pedestrian walkway.

Those who do not think their stay in the resort without visiting various attractions will receive a lot of impressions from the waterfront, during which it is proposed to visit the amazing temple of the Marine God (it is also called the Blue Cave). Fans of outdoor activities will not be disappointed – specially for them there are sports fields, clubs, and on the local beaches there is everything you need for water sports.

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