Hundertwasser House Sights of Vienna Travel Guide

House Hundertwasser

Each city has its own color, smell, atmosphere… Vein – Unusual city, full of amazing places, one of which – House Hundertwasser. The construction traces the rebellious and philosophical nature of the famous artist.

The avant-garde building is difficult to attribute to some specific style. The author of the idea itself is used to calling his brainchild «Eco-friendly house». An unusual appearance will immediately be brought into the eyes: strange terraces, different windows size, unevenly arranged walls decorated with chaotic mosaic. Main feature of the building – «Green tenants», trees that are modestly peeking out of several windows. It is impossible not to note the presence of classic elements – Columns. Each of them, as you can guess, of different colors and heights. By the way, the house – residential. Apartments are provided by civil servants.

Hundertwasser House Sights of Vienna Travel Guide

With his idea, the author is trying to bring people to nature: growing from the windows of greens and uneven walls, duplicate landscape. Hunderwasser tries to prove that a person can live in nature without resorting to suppression or violence. Part of the construction decorate curly along the walls. A unique building for a long time remains in the memory of tourists with its asymmetry, unresolved in other, originality and philosophy.

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