History offense for tourists Travel guide

History offended

The first settlements on the territory of modern offenders in the opinion of historians arise at the time of the heyday of the Roman Empire, about the 1st century BC. In Seryidna, the 5th century village turns out in the hands of the brass. Arab people are later captured by the Arabs, from which the local population slept the Portuguese ruler Alfonso Enrikesh in the middle of the 12th century.

At the end of the 13th century, the city of King Danisha was donated by his wife Isabelle. The young queen was so amazed by the gift, the beauty of offend, which began to spend a lot of time. Since then, the city was inherited from the queen to the queen, for which he was called «City of princesses». Due to the amazing preservation of pristine architecture, Obidos gradually turned into a developed tourist center.

History offense for tourists Travel guide

From the side it seems that offended not real, and some toy, bright, colorful. Restored houses, buildings today turned into souvenir shops, shops, restaurants and cafes. Obidysh – Real Museum Complex under the Open Sky. Already from afar. Tourists will see powerful walls surrounding the city. On the upper edge of the walls today you can walk and get around the whole offended. From above, travelers will be able to evaluate the full panorama of the city and admire the fussy life of the local population.

History offense for tourists Travel guide

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