History of Trieste for tourists Travel guide

History of Trieste

History of Trieste Began in deep antiquity: during the Romans, the city was their colony, and for the period of the Middle Ages, the flowering of the city had fallen, which by that time became a major shopping center. Note that the joining of Trieste to Italy occurred only in 1954 – Until this time, various states fought for the city, for quite a long time the history of Trieste was connected with Austria-Hungary. That is why Trieste places reminds Budapest and Vienna.

The first mention of Trieste refers to the times of Julia Caesar: he wrote a few words about this city in his essay «Notes about the Gallic War». True, then the city was called Tegerest. The construction of the first walls began here in 33 BC.

An important date in the history of Trieste – Announcement by his imperial free city in 1719.

Note that the history of Trieste as the resort began in the XIX century: thanks to a soft comfortable climate, he attracted Viennese here in winter.

History of Trieste for tourists Travel guide

In the period 1943-1945, Trieste occupied the Germans, moreover, the concentration camp of the fascists was organized here. Subsequently, the city managed the Anglo-American military authorities.

In 1954, Trieste joined Italy, and the territories underlying the south resort – To Yugoslavia.

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