History of Svilengrad for tourists Travel guide

History of Svilengrada

History of Svilengrada Began as the story of the Thracian village, which later turned into the Roman fortress called Burdenis. This fortress performed an important security feature – regulated the situation on the military road to Constantinople.

Important page in the history of Svilengrad – 1205: This year, the ruler of Kalian inflicted a crushing defeat of the forces of the Crusaders, which the emperor Baldoon managed. It should be noted that this battle has become one of the most important battles in medieval Europe.

Subsequently, Bulgaria captured Turks. At this time, the settlement of Kinekley was located here.

Modern appearance Resort Svilengrad received in the XV century. So, the city of Svilengrad was built on the banks of the river near the Mustafa Pasha Bridge, erected in 1529.

History of Svilengrad for tourists Travel guide

By the XVII century, there were about 700 residential buildings in Svilengrad, there were also a caravansery, which was located for 700 horses.

Interestingly, the city of Svilengrad was at one time a large silky region. Europeans had cocoons in the price called «Adrianopolsky», Nevertheless, the most important market was still located in Turkey. Svilengrad was famous for its trading rows. Real advantage The secular school was built here, read readed (that is, the library) «Star».

The modern name of the city was received in 1912 on the initiative of Peter Stichev, a local teacher.

History of Svilengrad for tourists Travel guide

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