History of Playa de Aro for tourists Travel Guide

History Playa de Aro

The first settlements here were marked at 2500-2400g. to N.NS. The population of the terrain at that time was industrially in the main agriculture, the production of wine and the manufacture of ceramic dishes. History Playa de Aro In the Middle Ages, it became actively developed from 881. – It was then that the bishop of Girona was granted as a gift from the coastal lands of ARO Valley on the orders of the king. For the first time, Fanals d’Amunt (Playa de Aro) was mentioned in history in 986., It concerns the monastery Sant Feliu de Guixols.

In the 14th century, there was an active development of the region, and already in 1774. The boundaries of the region were clearly defined and formed by strengthening the ownership of the Fanals d’Aro church. By the end of 19V. Of the disparate settlements, 2 cities were formed – Santa Cristina d’Aro and the one since 1962 is called Playa de Aro. In the same year, the first tourist focus program of the region started. As part of this program, 50 pairs of husbands and wives were invited to spend in the city of 7 days filled with romance and comfortable rest.

History of Playa de Aro for tourists Travel Guide

In 1970. The castle of the 12th century and the church were restored, and already in 1978. In Playa de Aro, the first carnival was held. The 21st century began in Playa de Aro with the programs for the reconstruction and modernization of the resort, the opening of the library and school, full restoration of the historic center of the city.

History of Playa de Aro for tourists Travel Guide

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