History of Nicosia for tourists Travel Guide

History Nicosia

One of the date of creation or at least about the period of creation of the city does not exist.

Scientists and historians believe that the city of Nicosia was founded by XI—VII century BC. NS. Archaeologists believe that the first settlements in this territory take their beginning from 3900 to n. NS. It proves excavations and analysis of the objects of antiquity.

The city of Nicosia has always been the capital of the island, but in the 300th year before. NS. He turned into a small village and for incomprehensible reasons lost its value.

History of Nicosia for tourists Travel Guide

Numerous wars led the city to decline. The city is obliged by the city of Gi de Lusignan and Richard I Lion Heart. The second one took the city by Byzantium and transferred to the control of the first. Dynasty Luzignanov The city is obliged to their name and development of trade. Later, the city moved to the Venetian Empire. It is during the time of stay under the banners of Venice, most of the outstanding works of art and military structures were created. Italians under the leadership of Juliano Savornoyano and Francesco Barbaro erected a fortress tree with 11 bastions. The length of the Venetian Wall is about 5 km.

In 1570, the power in the city captured Turks. Turkish Empire Rules in Cyprus about 300 years. Next, the power on the island was transferred to the British Empire. After gaining independence in 1970 by the Republic of Cyprus, the city becomes its capital, which is today.

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