History of Granada for tourists Travel guide

History Granada

Modern man began to settle on the territory of the current Granada about 35 thousand. years ago. For example, already in 5V. BC This terrain began to practice Iberian tribes. In the era of the Roman Empire, local settlements rose into a rich city or Beris, which included Granada, who was then a small village.

When the city captured Arabs, there was an active development in it, during which two serfs built on the banks of the river. After reducing the level of power of the Cordvian Caliphate, economic growth began in Granada – Muslim families from neighboring lands began to settle here, resulting in 1013. There was a proclamation of a Muslim state.

History of Granada for tourists Travel guide

From History of Granada It is known that in the 13th century there was an uprising against the ruling surname of Almadov, the head of which was founded by the Granada Emirate. When the reign of this dynasty, the emirate has achieved a huge economic growth.
The features of the location of Granada for many years did not allow reconquyste to get to these territories, and the emirate existed safely until the end of 15V. Finally, the conquerors invaded the limits of the Emirate and from 1492. Edit them became Isabella Castilskaya and King Ferdinand. From this date Granada becomes the center of archbishop. When the dictatorship of Franco was fallen, tourism in Granada began to flourish and the region became one of the main tourist destinations of the country.

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