History of Grado for tourists Travel guide

History of the city

History of the city Began as the story of a small fishing settlement. Interestingly, the residents of Slovenia believe that the resort has a Slavic origin, they master the city of Gradzhem – on your way. Note that Grado existed long before the arrival of Slavs into these lands, in those long-standing times he was called Aquae Gradatae.

History of the cityland has always been associated with the sea: there were excellent baths. In 452, the Basilica dedicated to Saint Eviefmy was built in Grado on the initiative of Bishop Nikita, and at this time there was a monastery of Santa Maria Delle Grazie with a wonderful Baptistery.

In 568. Grado suffered the invasion of Langobards. Patriarch Peacock left the city, the split began here in the Patriarchate. Grado was the power of the Patriarch of Aquileia in 993, however, the final rule of Aquileia over Grado was established in 1207.

History of Grado for tourists Travel guide

History of Grado radically changed his move when Patriarch in 1451 moved to Venice. Church plots immediately stopped, and the inhabitants of the town got the opportunity to engage in peaceful affairs, in particular– Fishing.

History of Grado as the resort began in the XIX century. Initially, the children of Austrians, sick gold, as well as officials from Trieste. After the I World War, Grado entered Italy.

History of Grado for tourists Travel guide

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