History of Costa Rica for tourists Travel guide

History of Costa Rica

500 years ago Charothelet Indians lived here. They settled in the villages. Men were engaged in war and religion, and women – household. Cocoa fruit served money. In the middle of the XVI century, the colonization of the country of the Spaniards began. And the Indians began to die so quickly that for them, the pagans, the Catholic Church interceded. Today, indigenous people have less than a percentage of the country’s total population.
For a long time, Costa Rica was part of the Captation General Guatemala. But in 1821.

History of Costa Rica for tourists Travel guide

Here they found out that many countries of Central America, it turns out, has already proclaimed independence from the Spanish crown. Then it was written to Spain that Costa Rica in the king services no longer needs anymore, and in 1838 the country has become a completely independent republic. Many events have happened since – and the war with flibusers who wanted to attach Costa Rica to the slave states of America, and "Banana War", when the country was impoverished, got into financial bondage to the North American banks.
Today, Costa Rica is a quiet, thriving edge with a fertile climate, exporter of bananas, coffee and sugar, oranges and decorative plants. Unique nature, variety of animals and birds, national parks that occupy a third of the territory of the whole country attract foreign tourists.

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