History of Costa del Sol for tourists Travel Guide

History of Costa del Sol

History of Costa del Sol replete with stories about the large number of conquests, and is calculated from 1000 to.NS. It was during this period that the Phoenicians appeared in this region, who made a great contribution to the development of local settlements. In addition to the Phoenicians, Romans, Westges and Arabs ruled over the region.

In the history of Costa del Sol there were many different periods – The city was the trade colony of the Phoenicians, and then became part of the Roman province. The Romans changed the Arabs, founding the magnificent and rich Granada emirate here. In the 19th century in Malaga, the capital of Costa del Sol, began to produce very high quality wine, which brought the city of fame, but in 1876. Vineyards were damaged by pests and the production of wine decreased. Revived winemaking thanks to seedlings imported from America. It is famous for the Costa del Sol coast and the fact that Picasso was born here.

History of Costa del Sol for tourists Travel Guide

Malaga – Central part of the region, she divides Costa del Sol to the Western and Eastern Parts. Eastern Are settlements of Rincon de la Victoria, Veles Malaga, ancient Nerja Cave. Andalusian traditions are beautifully preserved in these cities – Cozy villages of fishermen and small seaside cities. In the West, Costa del Sol are the main tourist centers: Torremolinos cities, Cordoba, Estepona.

History of Costa del Sol for tourists Travel Guide

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