History Kandanchu for tourists Travel guide

History Kandanchu

History Kandanchu Out of an outdoor secret and this is quite explained, because before the modern ski complex and residential zone appeared there, the territory of the settlement was considered a military settlement. Only the fact that it consisted of about thousands of residents who did not create any infrastructure and socially important places, because medicines and products in Kandanch were delivered by plane.

For ordinary Spaniards and guests of the country, Kandanchu became opened in 1928. It was in the winter of this year that the resort took the first fans of the skiing, which was appreciated by sports complex and began to actively visit it from year to year.

History Kandanchu for tourists Travel guide

To date, on the territory of the residential area, Kandanchu lives near a seven person, almost all of them are owners or workers of local hotels, bars and restaurants. That is why in the summer, when tourists in Kandanchu becomes much less, the settlement itself also empties, many entrepreneurs leave the limits of Aragon.

Today, Kandanchu is primarily a resort that develops in this direction – the replacement of equipment, the improvement of the tracks or the creation of new sports facilities is considered paramount. Kandanchu, as the settlement today is not interested in any local residents, nor the power of Spain, in any case, in the near future in the residential area of ​​the construction of pharmacies, the construction of schools or hospitals is not planned.

History Kandanchu for tourists Travel guide

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