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Your tabor – «camp» Czech, the Czechs founded in 1420 at the site of the ancient Gradiste, who was on a hill, at the foot of which river Luzhnice flowed. But there is another version of the origin of the city name. On it «Camp» Comes from the ancient Palestinian Hill Favor.

Chronicles of that time write that Yang Zhiwa built a fortress wall and ordered residents to build a house in the style of a military camp. Therefore, the Tabor became a Bastion city, which traced the strategic vision of all in. The architecture of the device leads to delusion and disorient and contemporaries – tourists who are trying to find the desired house. At home, at the direction of the alliance, there were similar in shape with tents: the walls in them are tilted and decorated. That is, the Tabor already in the 15th century became a fort, impregnable for enemies, which for the fourteen years of the Gusite wars remained uncompaired.

History History Tourists Travel Guide

Residents already in the 15th century acted on communist canons: they carried all their things in a common treasury. Then the property was distributed according to the needs. That is, Tabor was built as the best place to live, in which universal equality was proclaimed. And the communist slogans of Yana Gus are alive here so far. Camp – City with the smallest in the Czech Republic by the number of Catholics.

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