History Alicante for tourists Travel guide

History Alicante

History Alicante goes roots in times to our era. The first people on this territory were hunters from the tribe of the Iberians, which came here from Central Europe about 5000 g. to N.NS. After a few millennia, the Greeks and Phoenicians began to arrive at this coast, building small retail ports. They also spread their writing and literacy, methods of metal processing and production of ceramics.

In 201 g. BC, the territory of modern Alicante and the nearest lands captured the Romans, calling this terrain of Lutnutum, or white peak. It is believed that the modern name of the Costa Blanca coast occurred from the Roman version.

History Alicante for tourists Travel guide

After the 1960s, Alicante begins to actively develop as a widely demanded and visited tourist center. Since then, the city began to develop towards the tourist infrastructure – Tourism has become an important part of the Alicante economy.

Now, on all the coast of the Costa Blanca, this is one of the most significant tourist areas with a rich historical and cultural heritage, many sights and beautiful beaches, stretching for many kilometers. For many centuries of its history, Alicante has a lot of cultures and traditions, which impose their imprint and on the modern life of the city. The main spheres are now tourism and trade, banks, winemaking and tobacco production, light industry.

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