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Abu Dhabi History

In total, the history of Abu Dhabi has more than 4 thousand years, but the first settlement in this place, which is found in writing sources, was founded in 1761, while the group of tribes of the Bani Sine from Liva discovered fresh water on this island. To protect the precious acquisition around the well, Fort was erected, and for a long time Abu Dhabi was only a small cluster of tiny huts, closely located between the Fort and the Sea. The main source of people’s existence at the time was fishing and pearl mining.

In 1950, the first and pretty major oil field were opened in a quiet place of Ras Sad. Only three decades went out to be in the head, the god of the forgotten village Abu Dhabi turned into an ultra-modern lively metropolis with skyscrapers, ultra-speed highways, blooming fragrant gardens and magnificent fountains, which is in the city that the people are witty called "Middle East Manhattan". Ideally direct streets of Abu Dhabi, built-up with spectacular high-rise buildings, lined up along the bay line, abundance of greenery in the middle of lifeless sandy desert – all this creates the fascinating impression of the real East Mirage.

History Abu Dhabi for tourists Travel guide

A distinctive feature of Abu Dhabi is a big concentration of mosques in the very center of the capital. Also known great fountains of the city, stretching along a long embankment and having an original, unique architecture and very bizarre names, for example, "Flying swans", "Dalla" (that the coffee pot is engaged in translating) or "Pearls".

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