History Aberdeen for tourists Tour Profit Guide

History Aberdeen

The first tribes that created in this territory of the settlement came here about 6,000 years ago BC. Mostly residents were engaged in hunting and collecting. Later, the territory is restrained by the Celts who come from the South side. And in the 1st century, the earth is departed under the control of the Romans. After their care, the population appeals to Christianity.

The city can be divided into 2 parts: the old town that stands on the Don River and the new city, located at the mouth of the river di. From 12 to 14 century, the city was considered the capital of Scotland, only Edinburgh took his place later. The fact is that the political power of the city weakened. Despite the fact that the city stopped being the capital, his economy did not stop his development. Favorable location made it possible to engage in fishing, shipbuilding, fabric and trade production.. For a long history, Aberdeen did not even suffer, but always quickly restored his original appearance.

History Aberdeen for tourists Tour Profit Guide

In the 18th century, the authorities began to pay great attention to the landscaping of Aberdeen. New buildings are being built, educational institutions, hospitals, and most importantly, a sewer system is conducted. Overgrave the main streets. During the construction, gray granite was used, the pride of the edge.

History Aberdeen for tourists Tour Profit Guide

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