Hippocrates Plane Sights of Spit Travel Guide

Platan Hippocrata

At the entrance to the fortress of John is a majestic old tree. it – legendary Platan Hippocrata. The legendary tree was planted by the Great Healer himself and under his branches, together with his students, prescribed recipes.

Wood circumference of more than 14 meters, its age on the assumption of some scientists more than 2 thousand years. Other historians believe that the tree is a little more than 500 years, and it – the descendant of the very seedling that hippocrate. However, no one doubts that it was here that scientific disputes of hippocrates with friends and comrades were held.

Platean Hippocrates stands on a stone pedestal, its branches, heavy and squeezed, support special metal rods. Residents of the island of Kos protect their shrine, causing a tree. Thanks to their care, Platan Hippocrates can stand even for a very long time and compete for the status of the oldest tree of the world.

Hippocrates Plane Sights of Spit Travel Guide

Many tourists love to be photographed by plane, but perpetuating the whole tree in the picture will not succeed – It is too great.

Miniature Platan Hippocrata – One of the most famous souvenirs of the island. Small figurines are often sold along with the description of the history of the tree – such a booklet is found in our.

Hippocrates Plane Sights of Spit Travel Guide

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