Hellish “funnel formed in the American Lake Texoma

"Hellish" funnel formed in the American Lake Texoma

The American Military filmed a dangerous funnel on the video, which was created in the Lake of Texoma after the prolonged rains. Frames remind of horror films and have already received the appropriate names in the media: "Portal in hell", "gaping hole", "hellish funnel". According to the authors of the roller, the resulting whirlpool with a diameter of 2.5 m is able to suck the full-size boat. Officials warned the locals about the need not to swim for buosses and pay attention to warning signs.

This phenomenon is not related to mysticism. The funnel was created in the process of draining the lake with engineering divisions of US troops. After four-week heavy rains, the reservoir turned out to be crowded, so it was decided to open gateways in the Denison city dam.


"Drain of water from the lake reminds how you merge water from your bath, explains the assistant to the head of the project of draining the lake B. Jay Paris. – When the water level becomes low enough, you see the whirlpool. Obviously, in the dam we have no arrogant, as in the bathroom, but the principle is the same ". In the near future, the gateways will be open. Officials hope that the water level in the lake is normalized by the end of July, writes the Huffington Post.

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