Great Migration 2016

Great Migration 2016

Savannah wakes up after 6 am. The sun, as if his someone pulls on a string due to the horizon, rises to the sky literally in front of her eyes.

The external calm of the past night hides a lot of small tragedies and hunting of the animal world of these places. We are located in Masai Mara National Park, which is located in Kenya. In August, there is a breathtaking spectacle here – thousands and thousands of antelope, ZEBR slender rows go to these lands from Serengeti (Tanzania) in search of food and drink.

The path is full of dangers. These are the turbulent rivers of the Mara River, which you have to overcome on the road, and many predators who are happy to wait for the prey, which herself goes to them in the mouth, and a long way, which is no longer the sick and age. Unlocks go big slender columns. Approaching the river, waiting until the rest will be suitable or the queue will not be built without breaks. Elder feeling helps animals to overcome water obstacles and defend against predators.

Thousands of Antofa GNU and ZEBR gathered on the banks of the River Mara and are preparing for crossing.

Great Migration 2016

And here the cry is thrown. Antelope, without breaking the slightness of the rows, rushed into the water.

And at this time on the other shore, some of them are already waiting, anticipating delicious lunch:
Graceful cheetah

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