Golden Beach Sights of Tasos Tour Profit Guide

Golden Beach

The most popular beach on the island – Gold. Shore is covered with soft sand. Everything here meets the requirements of the modern tourist. The beach received its name from sparkling in the sun of golden sand. The territory is very well maintained and clean, and for lovers of an active lifestyle, a sports center is open. At your service diving, windsurfing and other water sports.

If you are a lover of comfort, without thinking, go to this beach. It is located only 12 kilometers from the capital of the island. Golden beach can be considered universal. It is suitable for recreation in a family circle with children. For a noisy company of friends and, of course, for a romantic couple. Entrance to the water smooth and soft. Nearby hotels with cozy rooms. There are always a lot of people here, so it is better to take a place on the sandy shore in advance, in the morning. Sun loungers paid, so do not forget to capture a certain amount of money with you. Resting on the Lena, you can also enjoy the view of the nearby mountains.

Golden Beach Sights of Tasos Tour Profit Guide

You can get to the place from the capital by car or by bus, to whom it is more convenient. If you are tired and want to eat, a buffet, restaurants and cafes work for you. There are plenty of them here, because the beach stretched out for no one kilometer.

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