Gokarna (Gokarna)

Gokarna (Gokarna)

Gokarna (Gokarna) – A small coastal city in the Indian state of Karnataka. Population – 25,851 people (2001). The sacred city, the oldest center of pilgrimage, is located in the jungle of the foot of Western Hhata.

According to the legend, it was here that the Lord Shiva received the second birth, appearing from the ear of the cow after he visited the hellish worlds.

Gokarna is a sacred city for Hindus, in which the temples of foreigners are not allowed, therefore, from respect for culture, it is not recommended to walk around the city in beachwear.

Urban beach Gokarna Zamuorous, sunbathing and swimming here is not recommended. It is better to do on one of the beautiful beaches nearby from the guokna.

Mahabaleshwar – Ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, in which pranalingam is worshiped, one of the most powerful and revered shivalingams of India.

Gokarna (Gokarna)

Temple of Ganapati Located near the temple Mahabaleshvar and is dedicated to Ganesh, which in the image of Brahman’s boy reached the demon Ravan.

Coti Tirtha – Sacred Water, located in 100 m south of the temple of Venkataraman.

Schivaratri festival – The grandiose spectacle passing annually in February. On this day, the chariot with the deities installed on it are pulling manually on the main street under the battle of the drums. Thousands of viewers are watching this extraordinary processing.

Gokarna (Gokarna)

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