GlipTotek in Munich Sights of Munich Travel Guide

GlipTotek in Munich

An extensive collection of unique sculptural compositions is presented in Munich Gliptotek. The museum name very accurately describes its content, because there is a huge sculptural assembly of Masters of Rome and Greece. Ludwig I Bavarian gave a decree building a building to preserve his individual collection.

The facade of the building decorate the majestic columns and sculptural images of Graduate, Hephaesta and other ancient heroes. The exhibition exposition is clearly divided into separate sections in time periods.

V «Classic period» can see «Head jellyfish» and famous bust of Homer. Here collected a collection of works of the fifth and fourth centuries to our era. In part «Archaic Greece» Presented early creations of sculptural masters. Their origin dates the 6th century to our era.

GlipTotek in Munich Sights of Munich Travel Guide

The huge collection of sculptural busts of Roman sculptors is presented in the hall «Roman period». Bust Nero from school textbooks on history, which is known to everyone, is here.

Excursion will especially appreciate the fans of sculptural art. Planning a visit to the museum, it is worth considering the fact that only carved stone sculptures and mosaic are collected here. Other genres here are not presented.

GlipTotek in Munich Sights of Munich Travel Guide

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