Giant Road (Giant S Causeway)

Giant’s Causeway Road (Giant’s Causeway)

Three kilometers from the city of Bushmils, that in Northern Ireland is located Giant Road (Giant&# 39; s Causeway), Also known as Bridge giants. This miracle of nature really resembles a huge bridge from basalt columns beginning with the foot of the rock and gradually flowing into the water.

Because of the hexagonal shape from the height of the column resemble cells. The highest of them reaches twelve meters. Total stone blocks standing close to each other, about forty thousand. It’s hard to believe that such perfect outlines of the Giant road gave nature, so it is not surprising that there is a legend about the creation of this place. Say, lived in the light of the cheerful Irishman Finn Makkumal, who decided to challenge the mandes by name. It lived on another bank, and Finn moved on a journey, but did not want to dunk the legs. So he began to build the road across the sea, but threw this thing halfway and fell asleep.

Giant Road (Giant S Causeway)

You can get here on a tourist bus from Belfast or the nearest city of Bushmils. In addition, trains go from Belfast and Londonderry here. Access to place is open all year round, you can wander here anywhere – No one follows. At the entrance will require a symbolic fee. Nearby are the picturesque ruins of the medieval castle, which are also worth a visit.

Giant Road (Giant S Causeway)

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