Geographical position Egypta Personal experience

Geographical position Egypta: personal experience

We lived at the hotel Laguna Vista Garden. Visiting time – October 2009, all this time "overboard" – approximately + 32-36 Celsius, water temperature in the sea – probably, about + 25-27 (even away from the shore). In the sky – not a single cloud, with the exception of a couple of days when light white clouds were barely noticeable in the mountains. The wind is almost no, but if you do not count the tops of the troops, when the wind was strong, but hot.

From 8.00-8.30 begins not slackly sitting while light becomes light at the beginning of the seventh local time, and so continues until 16.40-17.ten. And about 18.00 becomes dark.

Egypt in August

Rest in Egypt in spring

Geographical position Egypta Personal experience

Weather in Dahab in January

Sand storm in Sharm el-Sheikh

The sand storm happened once for 8 days of rest, local quickly oriented – dismissed faces "Arafathkami", And we, without immediately realizing what happened now, we were delighted that the places on the pontoon are released – you can sunbathe, swinging on the waves. Then it started! The sun is not visible, all gray, palm trees bent, people will dissemble on shelters. We, of course, raised on the video, and returned to the room, discovered sand everywhere – he penetrated even through the closed doors and windows. In general, it is impossible to say that it is very spectacular. More impressive sea and mountains.

Geographical position Egypta Personal experience

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