French Polynesia Ruruta Island

French Polynesia: Ruruta Island

Rooty Rurutu Island (Rurutu, Ether, Ryroa) is located 480 km south of Tahiti and has an area of ​​34 kV. km (11 by 6 km).

The surface of the island is formed by the sorts of two mountains – Taatioe (389 m) and Manivere (385 m). Highlands occupy almost the entire island, leaving only a few small and narrow coastal plains. Rocks that limit most of its shores are impressive and rich in natural caves. Reef is very close to the shore, there are practically no lagoons.

The population is about 2,000 people.

French Polynesia Ruruta Island

Ruruta – Truly Magic Island, where you can see the best Polynesian traditions. The islanders are very friendly, and carefully retain their traditions – handicraft products made on rirut, are considered the best in the country. Moreover, the islanders have retained amazing crafts in the form in which they got them from the ancestors who lived many centuries ago. All types of wicker baskets, wood threads and stone, food and, of course, famous local hats are manufactured on centuries-old traditions, with full observance of ancient technologies.

The main attraction of the island is the high cliffs on the very edge of the coast, from which the magnificent panorama on the way of seasonal migrations of humpback whales opens in spring and autumn (especially in September-November). The flock of whales takes place only 30-50 meters from the coast, so the coup can even swim among these magnificent animals, whose length reaches almost 25 m.

French Polynesia Ruruta Island

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