Foxa settled relaxed on the snowy roof

Foxa settled relaxed on the snowy roof

Looking at this photo, you can safely say that foxes are very intelligent animals. Andy Karver from Colorado filmed red beauties on the roof of the house after the strongest snowfall. Roads were offended, the drifts rose above 1.2 m. Snow built for foxes "Drapp" right on the roof. In the soft snow next to the warm pipe they seem to be very comfortable. Or maybe they are waiting for Santa Claus here?

Foxes are the most visible animals in the winter forest, because they have a bright fur. And here is not! Nature took care of foxes as well as about other animals. Lisers are created for open and semi-open spaces. They avoid solid forests, love edges, fields and glads. In such places, a very high grass that sticks out in winter even from under the snow. Color of safe winter vegetation – a brown-redhead. Among these thickets, Lisa can safely move and stay unnoticed.

Foxa settled relaxed on the snowy roof

Finally, let’s remember another topic associated with foxes: their hunting for mice and other rodents – Professional. In observers, this process usually causes laughter and bewilderment. Foxes can selflessly dive the muzzle in the snow and jumping on it to drive out their prey from Nor. By the way, thinking may be so captive fox that it will not notice the person approaching it. But even in such a situation, we do not recommend "imposing" a wild animal to friends. And of course, in the network you can find a lot of video, like a hunting instinct wakes up at home foxes. Beasts of the mushroom in the bedspreads and are looking for "prey" in sofas.

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