Forum August Sights of Rome Travel Guide

August forum

August forum — Second account of four famous Roman forums.

August for August has a length of 125 meters, its width – 118 meters. The forum was built on the order of Octavian Augustus, the Roman emperor. His central structure – The temple of Mars Avenger, consecrated in 2 years.NS. This temple was created from the purest carrage marble, his layout resembles the temple of Venus Genetrix, which is located on the forum Julia Caesar. In former times in this temple, the statue of Mars God was located surrounded by Venus and Caesar in an underestimated form. In addition, Caesar’s sword was kept in this temple and banners of defeated Parfians.

The August forum was originally intended for praising the old Emperor’s vintage traditions. In the center of the square in front of the temple was installed statue of August on a luxurious chariot.

Forum August Sights of Rome Travel Guide

Today, tourists can only see a small part of the forum: so, several columns and a temple staircase have been preserved. In addition, you can familiarize yourself with the collection of artifacts and part of the semicircular niche from the forum, which are stored in the House of Rhodes Knights.

During the cruel regime of Benito Mussolini, the front part of the August Forum was rebuilt into the Via Dei Fori Imperiali Street, with no excavation archaeologists conducted.

Forum August Sights of Rome Travel Guide

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