Fortress Starigrad Omis Sights Split Travel Guide

Fortress Starigrad Omis

Starigrad fortress ("Old city") or the fortification was built in about XIV–XV centuries in the spirit of the Epoch of Early Renaissance and Gothic. Starigrad received her name from–For the construction of facilities on the site of the ruins of the ancient fortress onastina. A new city, named Omis, has already grown up the fortification, being under its protection.

The walls of the fortress repeat the shape of the mountain range to which they adjacent. It was assumed that in case of an attack, residents of nearby cities and surroundings will move to Starigrad, and from her walls will be thrown around the invaders with stones. Fortunately, Omis and Split residents never had to resort to this strategy.

Fortress Starigrad Omis Sights Split Travel Guide

Second title – Fortetics (or Fortitz) – The fortress has already received during the Board of Venetian. The Starigrad approved his defense importance during the fall of Bosnia under the Ottoman Igog. Venetians remained only to strengthen the fortress and improve its condition.

You can get to the famous fortress by car – I reach the village of Becici (Baucici) and walking on the signs about 20 minutes. In general, the tour of Stargrad will take 2–3 hours. It is recommended to visit the fortress in the appropriate shoes, with a water margin and without small children.

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