Fortress of Neokastro Sightseeing Pilos Travel Guide

Fortress neokastro

The city of Pyos has a deep and rich story, which can very brightly tell the fortress of neoproska, which Turks built on the southern city outskirts back in 1573, and the construction of the construction was already rebuilt. It is now open to visiting tourists and is the most visited attraction.

Up to this day the fortress is preserved in very good condition. Her powerful walls make up mysterious historical facts. Stone arcade and transitions are harmoniously inscribed in the architecture of the structure. The ancient Venetian Church is also functioning in the territory, in which the victory in the Navarino battle was celebrated. Church domes rise above the walls and their perfectly visible even from the sea. In the church there is an interesting and beautiful collection of centuries-old engravings. Now this is an Orthodox church, but for its long history, he fulfilled the role and Turkish mosque, and the Catholic Cathedral.

Fortress of Neokastro Sightseeing Pilos Travel Guide

But the most impressive importance of the entire excursion to visitors has a magnificent view of the bay and the city itself. Traveling to the historical building. Often guests of the city are starting from the square of three admirals. Plan your excursion better for the first half of the day, because in the world is not very comfortable in the fortress.

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