Fortress Acropolis on Larisa Hill Attractions Argos Tour Profit Guide

Fortress Acropolis on Larisa Hill

Larisa Hill is located a few kilometers from the central part of the city. Historians believe that the Acropolis has received their name in honor of the founder of the city of Argos.

Acropolis Larisa rises at an altitude of almost 300 meters. «Larisa» Traditionally translate out «root» and «Earth». So there are powerful stone walls as roots grow into the ground. During the excavation, archaeologists have found the ruins of the ancient Greek temples of Athens and Zeus, and household items found here belong to the 8th century BC. Historians believe that most likely the fortress Acropolis existed from a Mycena period, which lasted from 3 to 1 century to our era. During the existence, the building changed several times: in the 10th century a castle is built in the center, and then the fortress was rebuilt several times in whims.

Fortress Acropolis on Larisa Hill Attractions Argos Tour Profit Guide

To this day, the fortress Acropolis did not live, tourists can only observe the remaining ruins from the western and northern part of the castle. Everything is in free access. Upstairs can be reached even on transport, the condition of the road allows. From the top of the Larisa Castle, an incredible panoramic view of the Argos, its surroundings and the bay. Especially beautiful fortress in the evening when it is highlighted by lights.

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