Formalities and rules entry into Libya Personal experience

Formalities and rules of entry into Libya: personal experience

I do not know how Libya is going to attract tourists! I received an invitation on the Internet from Libya that allowed me to get a tourist visa at Libya Airport. But as a real our man who is waiting for a trick from any side, went to the Libyan Embassy in Moscow and showed these documents to the consul. He said everything is in order and I can go calmly.

I was given the address of the translator, where they put a stamp in a passport with translation to Arabic. I traveled to this translator with my passport and invitation (consider a visa). He looked at everything, put a stamp, used an invitation for the correct and identical writing of my name to Arabic and wished me a pleasant way.

I flew to Kyiv and transplanted as a transit passenger on the flight "Libyan Airlines" Trupoli. When the representative of the airline looked at my documents, he said that the name, passport number and all other data are correct, it is incorrectly indicated that I am a citizen of Ukraine! And he cannot register me on the flight! And this after my documents watched in the embassy and translator, putting me a transfer to the passport!

Formalities and rules entry into Libya Personal experience

I was forced to buy a new ticket to Moscow from Kyiv and fly home. Money for a ticket to Tripoli and back, for the invitation and, of course, for a ticket to Kyiv and back no one returned and not going to return!

If you want similar adventures and you have extra money, fly to Libya!

Formalities and rules entry into Libya Personal experience

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