For those who travel with us

For those who travel with us

We know how much anxiety has brought a situation with canceled flights due to coronavirus. And want you to know what we do in our daily work to help you as quickly as possible.

Already a month we:

  • We work remotely so that every employee felt good and could quickly help you;
  • For those who travel with us
  • Regularly publish a counter of calls to the care service, so that you see how things are going with the processing of requests (updated once a day in the stories of our Instagram and VC)
  • Our care service continues to work for you in reinforced mode, round the clock and without days off. The volume of appeals is now really very big;
  • hired a separate call center in order to further process requests for returning your tickets;
  • We constantly learn topical information from airlines to promptly inform you of changes in return rules;

Now in priority of departures with departures in the next 24 hours.

Return funds for tickets of canceled flights, in most cases, it is possible until the end of this year. There are good news: We have already begun to handle requests, the departure of which has already passed. Therefore, if you have not yet answered, do not think that you forgot about you. Answer everyone as promised.

The main thing – take care of yourself, the rest questions we will. Here they told, How our care service works – The article has many answers to your questions.

For those who travel with us

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