Favorite soup Sophie Lauren – Pappi di Pomodoro

Favorite soup Sophie Lauren – Pappi di Pomodoro

Tuscan cuisine is a rustic kitchen, simple. Nothing will disappear, everything will go into business, including a stale bread. In the end, bread is an important ingredient of real soup. The word "soup" comes from the French Soup, and it, in turn, from Gallo-Romanesque Suppa, which means "clumsy bread".

In Italy, the question "What for lunch?»It may sound like" what we will have with bread?CHE COSA CODER PER IL CONPANATICO?). So here he is the same as in Russia, everything is head. Tuscan bread – a sample of culinary simplicity: turns quickly, but it is not thrown out, brilliant dishes make it out of it. For example, soup.


2 cloves garlic
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Tuscan bread, old or fresh (dried in the oven)

Favorite soup Sophie Lauren - Pappi di Pomodoro

On a frying pan with olive oil we put garlic "in a shirt" (this is how literally the Italians call garlic in the skirt) and rosemary. Fry slightly and add tomatoes. Canned canned from banks, such as Cirio or others. Most minutes 15.

Old bread break into pieces, if not old, then send fresh in the oven to dry. Add solid bread to tomatoes and thousands of 45 minutes. Bread must dissolve. We apply on the table, decides the leaf of the basil, breadstaval and thin flowing of olive oil!

Pozodoro Pappope Recipe brought from a culinary tour to Tuscany from Dicinitours. "My Planet" places participation in a culinary tour of the May holidays. Join now!

Favorite soup Sophie Lauren - Pappi di Pomodoro

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