Fantastic Roses Center in Malaysia

Fantastic Roses Center in Malaysia

Every year hundreds of thousands of roses bloom all the colors of the rainbow in this unique multi-tiered garden among the picturesque mountains.

Looking at the local beauty and fragrant colors buds. It is difficult to imagine that another 20 years ago there was an ordinary vegetable farm.

After the wonderful transformation of the farm in the flower garden, the first years all wishes could visit the center completely free. But after 3 years, the flow of visitors has grown so much that I had to enter a fee for visiting, in order to significantly reduce the number of people.

Malaysian Roses Center is located approximately 5 km from Bringlong and distributed over terraces at 10 levels. To date, this is the most visited and largest tourist center in the highland city of Cameron.

The flower center contains a rather impressive collection of colors, which has more than 100 roses.

Fantastic Roses Center in Malaysia

In addition to colors in the park you can see pictures of local artists, as well as colorful stone sculptures that are well combined with the landscape design of the center.

Many of the roses presented in the center are growing only in Malaysia’s highlands, while others were brought from various countries of the world.

During an excursion in the center you can learn a lot about the technology of growing roses and the history of these amazing colors. Therefore, if you like flowers and you will be in Malaysia – Be sure to visit this amazing place.

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