Exhibitions and Museums in Morocco

Exhibitions and Museums in Morocco

Morocco: place on earth where life gives you more than you can take

Life in the city does not stop at night, if you do not sleep at night, like me, you can take a walk in the center, but you need to get a card, otherwise you can get lost to read more →

Staysane71 | November 2012

Almond blossom season: Spring and life holiday!

It all started with a trip to Amsterdam. The first days of spring, frosty air, quiet water channels. Nature is not ready for awakening, and the city is sleepy all day until the evening comes. Then, lights of the lamps will hide an understanding, what time of year is now. Evening and night in Amsterdam very colorful in any season. Life is burly, the streets of red lamps are overflowed, and the air will insistently smell like a dope. Read more →

Exhibitions and Museums in Morocco

Anna Snow | March 2010

Independent trip to Morocco

Say that I dreamed of going to go all my life in Morocco, it would be dishonest. Moreover, until recently, my ideas about this country were limited only by the film "Casablanca" and stickers on oranges. But all this was before I saw photos of this amazing place and literally caught fire for the idea of ​​going there. Moreover, travel not in the organized group, but as always, "Dickarem". Read more →

Exhibitions and Museums in Morocco

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