EQUIHEN PLAGE – French village with outdoor boat houses

EQUIHEN PLAGE – French village with outdoor boat houses

The small village of Equihen Plage is located in the north of France. About 3 thousand permanent population lives here.

This place is unique in that it can be seen here very unusual houses that resemble the outbound boats.

More than a hundred years ago, many fishermen, whose boats came into disrepair, turned them upside down and discarded directly to Earth.

Since all boats are abundantly lubricated with a resin, in an inverted form they do not let the water and do the heat perfectly. Many poor residents of the village needed housing and therefore temporarily lived right in such boats.

Many families, earning a little money, bought a normal home, but those who could not afford to acquire good housing, continued to live in such boats.

In the classic novel of Charles Dickens "David Copperfield", a character named Peggyti, lived in a similar house from a boat.

EQUIHEN PLAGE - French village with outdoor boat houses

During World War II, almost all houseboats were destroyed.

Only in the 1990s, 60 years after the destruction of the boats, the villagers decided to revive their ancient heritage and specially built a few elling in the form of outbounded boats.

Today’s home boats have almost all modern amenities. They give up to tourists for rent and stand about 300 euros per day.

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