Entertainment in Sweden Personal Experience

Entertainment in Sweden: personal experience

In general, children here are the main customers, so it is not by chance on arrows with the marking of ski slopes – images of animals. It’s easier to remember the tracks and harder to get lost.

Never anywhere before, I have not seen such a number of children. It seems that children are at least 50% of the total visitors.

Clappen, quite rightly declaring himself a family resort, invented a bunch of ways than to take a child. The fabulous trolls are walking around the mountain, in the children’s ski club Troll & Trollas take children from 3 years old, there is a children’s snowpark that does not miss and adults. Ski carousel for small, snowy mountain for young climbers, driving dogs and probably something else that you will not notice right away.

For children up to 8 years old lifts free!

Entertainment in Sweden Personal Experience

To do this, there are a special gate at the entrances, in which the children are older to go through, should do that they do. Apprasks in restaurants are not without the participation of children. Moreover, they are not separated from adults.

But what struck most.

Discarding on the doors of toilets, along with other, unusual pictograms with the familiar figures – silhouettes of M and w, but for some reason the heart circled, I could not overcome curiosity and looked into one of them. Well, first, the cabin was spacious as usual, and secondly . Next to the adult toilet, stood. Children’s toilet.

Entertainment in Sweden Personal Experience

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