El Hierro Island (El Hierro)

El Hierro Island (El Hierro)

EL HERRO (El Hierro) – The most western island of the Canary Archipelago, located 480 km from the North-West Coast of Africa and 120 km south-west of Tenerife. Area 268.71 km². Population – 10 960 people (2010).

El Yerro Island Like most of the neighboring islands has volcanic origin. High Point – Malpa and (1501 m).

Due to the activity of nearby underwater volcanoes since 2011, earthquakes often took place on the island. Underwater volcanoes were erupted from October 2011 to March 2012, in order to safety for a short time, residents of La Rebins were evacuated.

A significant part of the coast of this small seemingly severe mountainous island make up almost sheer bizarre rocks.

There are no beaches with light sand on El Yerro, there are only a few small beaches with black volcanic sand (for example, in La Rebins), as well as natural pools with crystal clear water in which you can swim.

Unique Landscapes, Gorgeous Nature, Silence and Calm – Main Local Attractions. About 60% of the territory of the island is a biosphere reserve and is protected by UNESCO.

El Hierro Island (El Hierro)

Due to the lack of good beaches of tourists on El Yerro a little, which in itself is already the advantage of this place.

El Yerro has flights with adjacent Islands Tenerife, Grand Canaria and La Palma.

El Hierro Airport Airport – Located on the Ocean, 9 km northwest from Valverde.

The regular ferry message links El Yerro with Tenerife and La Homer.

El Hierro Island (El Hierro)

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