Dzhyakovo (đakovo)

Dzhyakovo (đakovo)

Jia&# 769; Coo (&# 272; akovo) – A small town in the eastern part of Croatia, located in the historical region of Slavonia, 240 km south-east of Zagreb and 38 km south-west of Osi. Population – 27,798 people (2011).

Josaco is a major center of horse breeding, in the city there is a hippodrome and the most famous Croatia Conese farm (the breeding of horses are engaged here from the 16th century).

Every year in early July, a large folk festival is held in the city – Jäakovskaya Embroidery (&# 272; Akova&# 269; Ki vezovi), which includes processions in folk costumes, contests of singing groups and folk dance and much more.

Zyakov surroundings offer excellent opportunities for fishing (there are many lakes and rivers), and fertile surrounding lands are known for their vineyards and winery.

Dzhyakovo (đakovo)

Cathedral of Jäakovo
(&# 272; AKOVO CATHEDRAL), also known as Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul (Kedrala Svetog Petra I Pavla) – The most famous landmark of Jäakovo.

This Catholic Cathedral is one of the most famous in all Slavsonia, as well as one of the seven Croatian cathedrals wearing an honorary title «Small basilica». Was built by Viennese architects in 1866-1882. In 1993, Pope John Paul II visited here.

The Cathedral surrounds the beautiful Park of the XIX century, recognized as a landscaped monument and under state protection. On the park there is a Palace of Bishop.

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