Duke Wellington will protect against road cones

Duke Wellington will protect against road cones

Glasgow’s authorities in the framework of the restoration of the monument to Duke Wellington Arthur Welshley fence the statue of hooligans, for decades of the road cone hoisting on her, reports Lenta with reference to The Daily Telegraph. For this purpose, the height of the statue of the statue will be increased by 86 centimeters.

The total cost of the restoration will be 65 thousand pounds of sterling, also in its framework the monument will be returned missing saber. In the administration of Glasgow, it is noted that the restoration will allow the city every year to save 10 thousand pounds every year – it is in such a sum that the municipal services of the work on bringing the monument in the proper appearance after the actions of the hooligans.

Duke Wellington will protect against road cones

Soon after it became known about the intention of the Glasgow authorities to compete with the tradition to wear a road cone on the statue, the collection of signatures under the Petition began to leave the monument of the Duke Wellington an unusual headdress.

Tradition to put on the head of the monument to the Duke of Wellington or his horses Road cone exists in Glasgow since the 1980s. The view of the monument with the cone empty on it is considered one of the attractions of the city, in 2011 the Lonely Planet guide made it to the list of 10 of the most amazing statues of the world.

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